Our approach places the power of change in young innovators’ hands. Sunshine Cinema equips young people in Africa with the professional skills, knowledge and confidence they need to share life-changing stories with others and in so doing, shape their own stories.

We train under-resourced young people to become ambassadors so they can conduct free solar-powered mobile cinema screenings (using a Sunbox) and free podcasts (on the SunCloud). These media interventions spark audience debate, which is enhanced by partner organisations using the screenings as platforms for community engagement.

The Sunbox includes:

  •  a micro projector,
  • solar system,
  • speaker,
  • screen and
  • award-winning  African fiction and documentary films.

Our young media entrepreneurs  work in rural and peri-urban areas throughout Southern Africa; trained to be impact facilitators creating  safe and inclusive spaces for conversations around sensitive subjects.

Through a community mapping process, our ambassadors show compelling films that resonate with the audiences’ own experiences, values and aspirations. Thus Sunshine Cinema transforms film into a powerful tool for knowledge transfer, behavior change and community engagement.

We collaborate with communities, local civil society organisations and community-led advocacy initiatives to fill the information and engagement gap.

Our trainees participate in an online certificate course with UCT’s Centre for Film and Media Studies https://sunshinecinema.org/impact-facilitator-course/ so they can:

  • understand the impact ecosystem and social movement theories;
  • amplify the reach of their campaigns with targeted audiences and measure the impact;
  • and start and manage their own small media businesses.