The Sunshine Cinema Spark Impact Program

Here at Sunshine Cinema we believe in the power of authentic African stories to create positive social change. We also believe in working with young people who are passionate and want to use their voice to inspire action. Because of these two beliefs, we train selected young people to facilitate life-changing conversations and drive active citizenship in their local communities as Sunbox Ambassadors – by means of solar-powered mobile cinema screenings, podcasts and accessing gig work as digital marketing entrepreneurs! 

The youth in our programme learn how to screen films using our solar-powered mobile cinema (The Sunbox), produce podcasts, host events, facilitate discussions and create digital and social media content.  

Throughout the 10-month accelerator program, the Sunbox Ambassadors are empowered to improve their skill set, access gig work, and develop their own enterprises to become financially independent while at the same time completing a comprehensive online course in impact facilitation on scholarship with the University of Cape Town’s Film and Media Department!

The Film Impact Facilitator Short Course info:



  • Please note this is not a practical filmmaking course
  • A unique media-based practical accelerator programme that runs from 1 April 2022 – 31 January 2023 training you to use films to spark dialogue as an impact facilitator, while accessing gig work as a media entrepreneur. 
  • Training in podcast producing, audience facilitation, content creation, social media skills, digital marketing and communication skills, and entrepreneurship
  • Support to take advantage of the gig economy by using the resources provided (e.g. digital camera) to create a sustainable personal income
  • A 6-month online Certificate course ‘Film Impact Screening Facilitator Course’ issued by the University of Cape Town Centre for Film and Media Studies
  • Business Development Mentorship
  • Peer learning within a network of learners across South Africa
  • You have passed Matric or an equivalent NQF Level 4 qualification;
  • You have good computer literacy skills;
  • You are comfortable with public speaking
  • You are an independent worker, reliable, diligent, self driven and motivated;
  • You are able to collaborate on Zoom, Google Meet and/or Microsoft Teams;
  • You can identify the key themes or messages in a film and how they relate to relevant local community experiences; 
  • You are interested in learning how to use film screenings to facilitate conversations around important issues to help raise awareness and bring attention to local community leaders driving social action;
  • You are committed to completing a very intensive 10-month learnership programme, that requires your full participation from your remote location, and are available for the period of the contract;
  • You have access to a stable and reliable internet connection;
  • You have a smartphone with a working camera;
  • You have access to a laptop or desktop computer to participate in the online classes
  • You live in a rural or peri-urban community in any province in South Africa.

A contract will be signed at the start of the programme

  • Attend the in-person Orientation Bootcamp from Monday 4th to Saturday 9th April 2022 (location TBC, travel expenses covered by Sunshine Cinema);
  • Dedicate 8-10 hours per week to your UCT studies. This includes attending scheduled online tutorial sessions, online lectures and discussions, and self-directed learning to prepare for classes and complete practical tasks and assignments (June – December 2022);
  • Attend online lessons in Entrepreneurship;
  • Attend online lessons in Digital and Social Media Marketing, and Podcast Production; 
  • Attend monthly webinars and mentor sessions;
  •  Host film screenings and produce podcasts in your community;
  • Compile monthly screening and podcast reports;
  • Complete your monthly gig work target;
  • Attend monthly online check-ins with the Sunshine Cinema team.

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#fee12a” color=”#333333″]Note: This learnership programme requires a commitment of 25+ hours per week, so please consider your available time carefully before applying.[/edgtf_highlight]

  • Access to a network of professionals in the film and impact producing industry;
  • Access to a network of social justice thought leaders and social movements working to create change in communities;
  • Training to host the screenings of a diverse array of over 50 award-winning African films;
  • Training and mentorship by experienced lecturers and presenters;
  • Digital and social media skills;
  • Entrepreneurship and gig work economy skills;
  • Film impact producing skills;
  • Podcast producing skills;
  • Audience facilitation, event organising, and communication skills;
  • Support to create a digital portfolio of work;
  • A ‘Film Impact Screening Facilitator’ Certificate from the University of Cape Town, Centre for Film and Media Studies;
  • A basic monthly stipend, and a data allowance to attend online sessions;
  • On successful completion of the learnership, you will receive a digital marketing starter pack to enable you to continue earning an income from your gig work;
  • This experience will help participants to enhance their practical marketing, and film facilitation skills in an entrepreneurial way.
  • This experience will better prepare participants to facilitate community engagement through dialogue.

Watch this video about Sunbox Ambassador Thabang Thapo based in the Free State to learn more:

What are the Class of 2021 Sunbox Ambassadors saying about the learnership?

‘What I’ve taken away from the course is an understanding of how documentaries actually work. The importance of Impact facilitation and the role impact facilitators play in making sure that documentary films do indeed drive social change in our communities…’

‘One of the things that I’ve learnt is getting a gig, coordinating, and also getting paid for what you do has been the greatest experience for me…’


Apply for a place in the 2023 learnership programme, please complete the Application Form:

Applications are open for the April 2023 course Please Note: Only fully complete Application Forms will be considered. No email applications will be accepted.

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