2023 Spark Impact Aprenticeship Program


Here at Sunshine Cinema we believe in the power of authentic African stories to create positive social change. We also believe in working with young people who are passionate and want to use their voice to inspire action. Because of these two beliefs, we train selected young people to facilitate life-changing conversations and drive active citizenship in their local communities as Sunbox Ambassadors – by means of solar-powered mobile cinema screenings, podcasts and accessing gig work as digital marketing entrepreneurs! 

The youth in our programme learn how to screen films using our solar-powered mobile cinema (The Sunbox), produce podcasts, host events, facilitate discussions and create digital and social media content.  

Throughout the 10-month accelerator program, the Sunbox Ambassadors are empowered to improve their skill set, access gig work, and develop their own enterprises to become financially independent while at the same time completing a comprehensive online course in impact facilitation on scholarship with the University of Cape Town’s Film and Media Department!

The Film Impact Facilitator Short Course info:  https://www.sunshinecinema.org/impact-facilitator-course

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