Northern Cape Ambassadors

Masego Mokang
Lime Acres, Northern Cape, South Africa

I’m excited to collaborate and work with young people,and everyone in my community by bringing about positive impact on their lives. Doing so using all the necessary equipment and tools I have been given, and the skills of course.
Colin Afrika
Postmasburg, Northern Cape, South Africa

“I am looking forward to working with partners that will help my community and the youth and also use my knowledge as a facilitator to spark conversation with them so they speak up to all the issues that affect them. I also want to use film as a tool to reach more young audiences”
Tebogo Rulashe
Postmasburg, Northern Cape, South Africa

I’m eager to gain skills in the field of photography and videography also how to edit pictures and videos using editing software, I’m also looking forward to learning about social media algorithms and how to use digital marketing.