Film Impact Tours

As pioneers in impact production in Southern Africa, we have conducted numerous large-scale, solar-powered screenings for audiences in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Eswatini, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi, Namibia and Kenya since 2017.

Movies That Matter (Langa, Western Cape, South Africa)

In 2018 Movies that Matter and Sunshine Cinema brought a series of fresh contemporary films to the Langa community in Cape Town. For many residents of  Langa it is rare to get the chance to go to the cinema and they were very excited to see African-pioneered films that focused on relevant issues. Some of the films had not even been commercially released! For many, the post-film conversations were the most important as it allowed them to debate opposing viewpoints.

“I think projects like this are necessary for such communities to see that film is not only entertainment, it can be meaningful, it can bring a message, it can educate, it can inspire people.” – Langa audience member

Zimbabwe Media Development Programme

In Zimbabwe, our collaborations enable us to train under-resourced young people to become Sunbox Ambassadors (SBAs) so they can use a Sunbox (solar-powered mobile cinema) to conduct screenings on relevant issues and spark social change.

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