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A South African group uses solar power to bring their mobile cinema to remote areas. 

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The Team behind the Sunshine

Sydelle Willow Smith

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Sydelle Willow Smith is a storyteller and co-founder of Sunshine Cinema. She holds a Masters of Social Science in African Studies from The University of Oxford. She is passionate about audience engagement and experimenting with modes of public participation. It is within the context of public participation where she has drawn together her interests in media, anthropology, and socio-political interventions

Zakithi Buthelezi

Communications Director

Zakithi Buthelezi is Sunshine Cinema’s Communications Director. He is an ever-evolving communications professional, having graduated from both IMM and Vega specializing in Brand and Marketing Management. He holds a wealth of transferable skills gained in the marketing, advertising, tech, PR, and hospitality sectors respectively. This all-encompassing career journey has led him to specialize in connecting with people, networking, and channeling that energy into something tangible, real and always positive.

Rowan Pybus

Co-Founder & Technical Director

Rowan Pybus is an impact campaign specialist. His work for the last 20 years has been focused on social and environmental development. He founded Makhulu Media in 2005 to create film stories that matter, and is the Co-Founder of Sunshine Cinema. In the course of his career he has won awards from the UN Forum on Forests, National Geographic, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and is a Salzburg Global Fellow.

Rene Weston

Programmes Manager

Rene Weston is the Programmes Manager at Sunshine Cinema. She believes in the power of creativity to unite, strengthen, and heal. She builds lasting team relationships while trying to balance her super-organised ‘get-things-done-yesterday’ kind of energy with her ‘calm-confident-rock-in-the-stormy-ocean’ dreamer self. Her background is an interesting mix of NGO project management, education management, and having the time of her life as Ian Gabriel’s assistant on both the Forgiveness and Four Corners feature films. She is interested in empowering youth to find their voice, training them in skills that will help them confidently unlock powerful and authentic stories.

Lufefe Figlan

Filmmaker & Board Member

Lufefe “Fez” Figlan is a young passionate videographer from Langa Cape Town, who’s dedicated to exploring and telling stories of social upliftment and empowerment. Fez was the recipient of the inaugural Sunshine Cinema SAE film scholarship and is now a board member of Sunshine Cinema

Ziyanda Mavovana

Programmes Assistant

Ziyanda Mavovana is the Programmes Assistant at Sunshine Cinema. She is a BA Honours graduate from Nelson Mandela University. Her developing career has focused on the youth empowerment and development space. She has gained experience in handling projects, data reporting and analysis, which she feels are pivotal to the growth and consistency of any organisation that she is passionate about bringing to Sunshine Cinema.

Tanya Steenkamp

Audio & Visual Editor

Tanya Steenkamp is the Audio & Visual Editor at Sunshine Cinema. She started her career as a journalist at The Sunday Times and went on to be the Cape Town correspondent for international news agency Agence France Presse. She is passionate about using words, video and audio to educate and tell stories that matter. Currently, she edits and manages Sunshine Cinema podcasts and uses her journalistic skills to guide ambassadors on topics to cover and questions to ask for interviews.

Shanna Freedman

Financial Manager

An award-winning producer, Shanna brings unflappable competence and a wealth of valuable experience to the table of any production. Organisation is an art form, after all, and Shanna is a creative master of her craft. Able to stretch a budget, handle logistics, effortlessly put people at ease, manage a team of brilliant individuals and provide creative input, it’s the reward that pushes her to aim for perfection.

Hlubi Mboya-Arnold

Hlubi Mboya-Arnold is an Award Winning TV and Film actor, athlete, social justice activist, philanthropist, social entrepreneur, educator and reading for her MBA at Henley Business School. She currently is an Executive Director at Future CEOs and Non -Executive Director at the Mandela Education Programme

Dylan Valley

Dylan Valley is  an award-winning documentary filmmaker and a media scholar who views film as a liberatory tool. Valley has done work on revisiting the history of Afrikaans, reframing it as a creole language (Afrikaaps) and has documented urgent responses to police brutality (The Uprising of Hangberg). Prior to joining UCT as a lecturer, Valley worked in the Film and Television Department at the Wits School of Arts at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits). In 2013 Dylan received a Pulitzer fellowship from the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, where he received his master’s in specialised journalism. In January 2020, his virtual reality documentary Azibuye – The Occupation premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Sundance. Azibuye is Valley’s first virtual reality project, and he is planning to do more work in this field, both in research and practice.

Susan Levine

Susan Levine is an associate professor of anthropology at the University of Cape Town. She holds a PhD in political economy, an MA in visual anthropology and a BA in cultural anthropology. Currently leading the critical health humanities in South Africa, Susan is passionate about the value of the arts for health education and health systems

Faith Pienaar

Faith Pienaar  is from Johannesburg and has worked to build a number of youth-led social movements centering the use of creative approaches such as film, photography, and illustration for positive social change. She is interested in institutional reform as it relates to governance, and is currently completing a Masters in Organisational and Institutional Studies at Wits with the Public Affairs Research Institute. With over five years of professional and volunteer experience in South Africa, Malaysia, and the United States, Faith brings with expertise in programme development and implementation, communications, campaign building, research, and strategic advisory services. Faith currently works as a Researcher and Project Manager at the Mcebisi Jonas Centre for Change

Bushra Razack

Bushra Razack is a professional consultant with extensive international experience (including in Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, and South Africa) working with organisations such as Standard Chartered Bank, CBM, Seeing is Believing, UNOCHA, and Right to Sight International. Specialises in programme development and management. One of 100 young South African leaders selected to the prestigious Mail & Guardian Mzanzi Top 100 list for 2017. She is the winner of the 2018 Power Woman of the Year award in Innovation. She is a non executive board member of Boschendal Wine Estate, as well as the CEO of Phillipi Cultural Village.

Stephanie Bousheri

Stephanie Bousheri is a San Francisco based accomplished entrepreneurial leader and UC Davis and UCSF trained clinician scientist with global experience spanning patient care, clinical research, product strategy, commercialization, and business development. Throughout her career she has focused on ways to use technology and the idea of scale to innovate, uplift, educate, and help others. From working as a nurse;  to taking the first therapeutic HIV vaccine to Africa; to operating as a GM at an Ed-Tech company. Over the course of her career she has worked with both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups to bring novel solutions to market and drive company growth. In her free time she gives back by serving on several Boards, and advising early stage companies

Lufefe Figlan

Lufefe “Fez” Figlan is a young passionate videographer from Langa Cape Town, who’s dedicated to exploring and telling stories of social upliftment and empowerment. Fez was the recipient of the inaugural Sunshine Cinema SAE film scholarship and is now a board member of Sunshine Cinema

Sivu Giba

Sivuyisiwe Giba is the co-founder and director of SivuBuhle Media, a documentary and multimedia production company based in the Eastern Cape. Sivu comes with a variety of film experiences from feature film to documentary and her passion is mostly documentary filmmaking, where she had her formal film training from Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking specialising in producing and directing. Having won a series of awards for her films, she is also a Film business developer who is passionate about provincial film development. Sivu is passionate about indigenous stories and that is what she mainly produces and directs especially authentic rural stories where the heart of the community is.

Vincent Manzini

Vincent Manzini also known as Sir Vincent is a DJ, Producer, Social Entrepreneur, Speaker and a Culture Activist who’s mission has always been to shine a bright light on where he comes from and it’s people. Vincent founded the first DJ academy in Khayelitsha called Jump Start Music Academy which sought to open up the music industry to kids who do not have the resources and access. With more than 15 years experience in marketing Vincent Manzini is the co founder and Director of Blank Kanvas where is credited with securing sponsorships for various platforms in the past 2 years.