The Project

The Sunshine Cinema is a mobile, solar-powered cinema that screens short films, of uplifting and useful content with youth and rural communities. Sunshine Cinema promotes self-empowerment by sharing practical ways to improve life, through producing a range of “How To” videos and facilitation workshops, as well as narrative-based short films that address social issues.

With a keen interest in African innovation, the Sunshine Cinema identifies ‘appropriate technologies’ and simple solutions already in use in communities, and documents these to share with other communities facing similar environmental and social challenges.

Sunshine Cinema

  •       Screens tailor-made and relevant films & appropriate technology instructional content
  •       Provides practical skills development with a sustainability focus
  •       Documents  local responses to environmental and social challenges
  •       Inspires & cultivates innovative, entrepreneurial initiatives
  •       Brings the power of media and visual communication to a largely untapped audience.

This innovation aims to bridge technology transfer and media, enabling knowledge sharing from one community to another through the indigenous educational method of storytelling.

An inspired collaboration between a skills development collective, The Shift, and the documentary filmmakers at Makhulu, Sunshine Cinema was born out of a passion to connect and engage across divides.