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Who we are?

Sunshine Cinema is a solar powered mobile cinema that converts solar energy into social impact. Founded in 2013, we host large scale pop-up movie screenings in geographically isolated communities across Southern Africa which lack basic cinema access. 

Our core mission is to distribute carefully selected social justice documentaries and African feature films to under resourced audiences promoting a cinema going culture and opportunities in the local film industry. Furthermore our screenings are designed to #sparkconversation by supporting the advocacy strategies of filmmakers and local organisations using the screenings as hubs for community gathering and youth engagement through our Sunbox Ambassadorship program.

What do we do?

We take compelling and carefully curated content to a diverse array of communities across Southern Africa and beyond. We are driven by a strong desire to create communal cinema experiences that act as a catalyst for dialogue, deep listening and ultimately positive social and environmental change. These screenings are facilitated by a team of experts and are designed to reach targeted audiences in a strategic way that helps identify shared problems and uncovers viable solutions to these challenges. 

We strive to brighten the communities we reach by educating and inspiring the people we engage with and by giving them the tools they need to live more conscious and empowered lives. Since our founding in 2013 we have reached over 20,000 direct audience members and have expanded our reach internationally across Southern Africa.

How do we do it?

We train youth ambassadors to be impact producers by equipping them with portable cinema kits (The Sunbox) to promote and deliver local African film to their communities. 

Sunshine Cinema supports Sunbox Ambassadors through media equipment and facilitation training. The purpose of this training is to equip Sunbox Ambassadors with the necessary knowledge and skills to host and facilitate film screenings of African films. The training of the Sunbox Ambassadors includes event planning and management, safety and security, legal film distribution, audience engagement through dialogue facilitation, and data collection about the films and the resulting impact for monitoring and evaluation purposes. 

The Sunbox is a mobile solar-powered cinema innovation which is loaded with African films. These films are secured through the promotion of Sunshine Cinema within the local film industry and the support of local filmmakers and impact producers. These filmmakers are passionate about ensuring access to films for diverse communities and Sunshine Cinema therefore provides an alternative distribution platform for filmmakers.