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Sunshine Cinema is a mobile cinema that converts solar power to social impact. Through various short films, facilitated workshops and "how to" videos we address social and environmental challenges through community facilitated engagement.

With this neatly equipped mobile cinema unit, Sunshine Cinema screens short films and documentaries in community venues such as school halls, libraries, community centers or containers, and hosts facilitated workshops to address local social and environmental challenges

sunshine cinema services

Here are some of the services we offer.

sunshine cinema screenings & skills workshops

More than just movies, Sunshine Cinema events respond to local challenges with appropriate film and workshop content. Our team facilitates practical making workshops, inspirational networking events or engaging dialogues that address today’s most wicked barriers to sustainable development and community prosperity.

green your screening

In partnership with MLT Drives, Sunshine Cinema is able to provide a steady supply of power regardless of the state of energy supply from the national power grid. This package gives event-organizers an efficient, solar-powered solution to popup cinema, ensuring that audiences remain blissfully unaware of power outages as your events continue, uninterrupted, as planned.

community research and developing relevant content

Historically the use of mobile cinemas on the African continent have been used as tools by Colonial governments to communicate their agendas. This problematic tradition is one that Sunshine Cinema seeks to address. Many African stories do not get shared with the local audiences that they are about. Yet such stories can offer the tools to build and inspire platforms of community exchange and innovation.
In light of this, as filmmakers, photographers, and designers, we are inspired by local innovators and change-makers. We aim to share their stories with a wider audience through a collaborative approach. With a keen interest in African innovation, Sunshine Cinema identifies local community change-makers and documents their stories of innovation​,​​ working together on producing the content, and the post screening facilitated workshops. ​Our approach is guided by​ ​human-centered ​anthropological research methods, to ensure that communities are active participants in ​the ​preparation and planning​ ​of ​ such ​events​.​

In the future, we aim to build an online platform for local change-makers to share and access relevant content, through partnering with advancing media technologies, promoting an online database of stories of social change and innovation.

who we are

Sunshine Cinema was built by storytellers, media makers and designers. We think that media can be used as a catalyst for social impact, inspiring others through the sharing of local stories. Tired of being creatives who take imagery and tell stories about others, we have become passionate about a shared collaborative approach based on our experiences of working across Africa.


photos and videos of Sunshine Cinema events and workshops we have facilitated.
    Sunshine Cinema Screening in Langa during Redbull Amaphiko
  • ©SydelleWillowSmith_sunshinecinema_PRESS-5
    sunshine cinema and partners tour 2015
  • resized©SydelleWillowSmith_SUNSHINECINEMA_WOLSLEY_MAY8th2014_13
    how to make a solar cooker
  • Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 1.28.27 PM
    how to make a litre of light
    sunshine cinema at open design festival in langa
  • resized©SydelleWillowSmith_SUNSHINECINEMA_WOLSLEY_MAY8th2014_6
  • resizedSOLARCINEMAPILOTPROJECT20130711_0669
    how to build a tyre seat
  • resized©SydelleWillowSmith_SunshineCinema_pilot_delft_february13_2014_19
  • amapikho09resized
    sunshine cinema introduction video


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