Sunshine Cinema at Open Design Cape Town an inspired collaboration First Sunshine Cinema Screening in Delft Introducing the Sunshine Cinema
Sharing innovations for sustainability by Africans for Africans.

Sunshine Cinema


Imagine a cinema powered only by the energy of the sun that can entertain and educate communities anywhere, everywhere…


The Sunshine Cinema is a mobile, solar-powered cinema that enables knowledge and skills sharing from one community to another.

Through screening short films that show indigenous solutions to Climate Change, and practical approaches to address other Millennium Development Goals, the Sunshine Cinema promotes sustainable innovations by Africans, for Africans. In essence, the Sunshine Cinema documents ‘appropriate technologies’ already in use in various communities, and shares these with other communities facing similar environmental and social challenges.

 To compliment the screenings, practical skills transfer workshops are facilitated to demonstrate the simplicity of appropriate technologies and to explore broader, related issues through discussions.

The Sunshine Cinema has extraordinary potential to develop relevant skills that can enable opportunities for sustainable livelihood and enterprise creation within Southern African rural communities, whilst bringing the power of media and visual communication to a largely untapped audience.